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Hello and welcome to my first game site.

It is still in development and as Seven Deadly Sins gets a bigger playerbase i will implement more opties to the game.

Don't forget when logged in to check the Forum here you will find a lot about the games progress and what we are working on.

Please enjoy. Also join our discord to have more chat options than just the ingame chat, to join click https://discord.gg/mpRJdym

I will try to update it monthly with new/more stuff to do.


Next update will be announced soon when enough players have voted at the poll

This game is about competition with a few thing to do besides PVP (player versus player).

So do your missions to get to know the game commit crimes to earn money to get stronger etc etc.

When everything is maxed you know that, that is the moment to really upgrade your power and beat your fellow sinners(players).

Also start a family and try to be the strongest family alive. Family's can attack other family's to steal +-10% of their land (NOTE you need atleast 3 family members to be able to attack other family's) 


New players will start with the following.

Click here to dominate the world
Cash $1000
Bank Cash $2000
VIP 14 Days
Protection 72 Hours
Rank Greenhorn


Criminal acts to do in this game
Crime Commit crime to earn money or get caught by the police and go to jail. NEW Steal money from fellow players.
Organized Crime Get your friends or random players together to commit a organized crime and earn a lot of money.
Murder Attack your fellow sinners and try to kill him/her and take all his money and destroy his property.
Steal Cars Try to steal yourself a nice car which can be used to race against other players and to rob the money truck(see below). NEW steal cars from your fellow players.
Money Truck Robbery Did you already stole yourself a nice car? Than use those car(s) to rob the money truck and earn some nice money but beware of the police.
Missions Follow missions to earn some good money and to get to know the game.
Red-light District Wanna be pimp than recruit those hookers and place them behind the windows to earn passive money.
Work Work for the maffia to earn yourself some easy money. Even when you are at work you can still do everything except attacking your fellow sinners
Casino's you can play(to get broke):P
Blackjack Try your luck at the famous blackjack table.
Wheel of fortune Spin the Wheel of fortune to earn money,power,bullits and credits.
Soccer betting Can you guess the excact outcome of the match or atleast the winning team.
Higher / Lower Guess what comes next will the number be higher or lower than the current number displayed.
Lottery Buy daily lottery tickets to get a chance at the jackpot(Lottery will be held daily).
Scrachcards Vuy your scratchcards and get lucky or get broke you addictive gambler. :P
Crack the safe try to crack the safe and earn a nice reward(money,credits and power)
Guess the number Can you guess the right number between 1 and 10
Roulette Play the roulette and win big or get broke
Multi-player poker Play poker against real players in realtime or play against npc's (non player character)
Unique things to do     Lololololololololololololol Found me     
Monday try to beat the russian maffia. Make sure to have high enough boxing skill.
Daily Look for mysterious packages in france. Find dirty money credits and bullits.
Weekly Murder the Pharaoh to get a lot of money and credits.
Weekly Dirty old pope. Get lucky and earn millions or unlucky and earn between 100k and 1 million
Every 5min Boxing power. Go train your boxing power every 5 minutes boxing power is neccesary to beat the russian maffia and you can challange your fellow sinners to a duel.
Ammunition Factory Buy your own ammunition factory to make bullets every 2 hours and sell them to other players to make a nice profit,
Hospital Buy your own hospital to get a % of the income the hospital makes.
Airport Be the president of a country and set your own prices for the airport tickets
Own a house Buy your own house to generate a small passive income on a daily base. Be a godfather and own a high tech Hacking Facility to be safe from other criminals (protected from stealing your money and cars).
Starting your own family or joining a existing one
Shop You can buy a few things in the family shop. Permissions to use the shop can be changed by the family's boss.
Club house(shop) Increses member cap by +1(standard cap is 5 members).
Conference room(shop) With this you can discuss things privately in your family(like a chat).
Ammunition(shop) Used to attack other family's.
Counterfeit money press(shop) Generate money for family members(each money press is active for 30 days).
Country surface area(shop) Buy land for your family to generate income $20 per 1km2.
Family crimes Permissions to use the shop can be changed by the family's boss.
Family's Fortune wheel Permissions to use the shop can be changed by the family's boss.
Attack other family's Attack another family to steal there money and land. Permissions to use the shop can be changed by the family's boss.
Family forum Forum for your family only.



Poll currently active dont forget to vote

Laatste nieuws

Few changes made  2018-04-16 8:57 PM

A few changes has been made to slow down the progress since people were progressing far to quickly

1. ranking has been slowed down to prevent players reaching the highest rank in minimal time will get upgraded when additonal levels has been introduced

2.family income has been changed. You will now earn less per km owned(from 100$ to 20$) reason family's with a lot of land will not have any competition and this is after all a game about competition

3.Family shop has a few changes. Clubhouse is now 5m instead of 1m cause it isn't supoosed to be easy to get a member cap raise

Also money press(price has gone from 3m to 5m) will not decay over 30 days anymore instead they last forever so that new family's can still make a income after all the land is bought up

4.Housing has been implemented as part of end game. Have you been around much and ranked up till rank godfather then you probably have a lot of credits and/or money to buy one of the biggest Houses in the game to protect your money and/or cars

5.Steaing cars and money from other players who are in the same country is now possible. You can steal money from other players at the crimes tab under criminal acts. Stealing cars from other players can be found at the Steal cars tab under criminal acts.

6. Happy hour has been implemented. You will get a 25% bonus credits for every purchase you make between 14:00-14:59 a message will be seen at the top of the scren when the happy hour is active.

7. Car transport days have been changed so that you will not be stuck for a week with a mission to transport a car its now on monday,wednesday,friday and sunday at 15:00 servertime.

That was everyting for now.

Are you having a problem or dont really like something about a change i made please contact me through a message in game with your problem and maybe (optional but will improve the chance that i will reconsider something) give a reason why you are having a problem with that specific thing.

Greeting Meliodas
Rules temporarily page  2018-03-31 10:17 PM


1.No botting/cheating

2 No spamming

3.No account sharing

4.You may only own ONE account. If you and a friend/family member wish to play from the same IP/residence, you must first inform a staff member and given clearance to do so.

5.Trading in-game assets for assets in other games is allowed, but do so at your own risk.

6.Be repectful to eachother


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